The HPI Blitz

Well, I have to give the team over at HPI some huge credit. I have driven the Blitz over the past few days and this truck rocks. Now, in full disclosure, my RC license should probably be revoked, for whatever reason if there is 1 rock, or 1 tree, or 1 curb within a mile, I have the talent to hit it at full speed, so while performance matters to me, durability and fun matters most. I have jumped the truck, I have crashed the truck and I have raced the truck against my neighbors stadium truck, and this is truck delivers the most important result we all want in RC: FUN. Out of the box I put in a Hienergy 4500 (changed to deans plug) and I was good to go, plug and play at its best. To date, I have yet to break a part, but I am sure I am close. Here’s what I like most, the drive train is smooth, the body looks hot, the truck handles perfectly, it is tough as nails, and each time I finished up for the day, I knew I wanted to get back out there. I have a great park nearby that has a perfect bowl for bmx riders and RCers, and the Blitz handlers the dirt and wants to jump. There is no doubt in short time I will need a brushless system, and after talking to the HPI team they assure me the truck was designed to handle the power. This is a hobby truck, one you can modify and change to suit your needs. I am no racer, but the guys in our stores are already racing these at the track with superb results. Congrats to HPI and to our customers, enjoy. Heres a link to the HPI gallery page at Please know we have good stock in our stores now, but we have sold out online so our warehouse is empty of blitzes. We will be getting more anyday, so backorder yours today in time for the holidays.


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One Response to “The HPI Blitz”

  1. JeffGuest Says:

    I got my blitz a few weeks ago, and this truck is amazing. I ran it out of the box and it handled great with little to no setup changes. I love the fact that there is no plastic gears in the transmission. This is the smoothest transmission with the least amount of noise. I also bought the new mamba Pro 9000kv and installed it the next day and have no problems with anything holding up. The 9000 is a little much, but it is so much fun.

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