The Electric Revolution is in Full Swing

As I am sure many of you are experiencing, the flying fields and tracks have been flooded with electric power. Over the past few years, there has been a huge push from glow to electric, but the past 6 months have been nothing less than amazing. On the car side, it seems that new brushless systems and RTRs are being released daily, trying to catch up with the already more mature electric airplane movement. We are seeing explosive (no pun intended) increases in battery capacity, both in Lipo and NiMh, and as happens in a dynamic market, prices coming down. Competition is fierce, with the best values in performance making faster cars and airplanes far more economical.

The pilots at Hobby People have been very active testing lots of new airplanes, with lots of battery and motor combinations. The hard core are constantly pushing the envelope, with higher performance discharge batteries and incredibly powerful motors, while trying to find the most efficient prop. RC has always been a brain game, challenging the modeler to think outside the box to get the best performance most economically. We have been very lucky to work with many of the Airtronics Flight Team and they have been greatly helping us with testing, performance benchmarking, and seeing what peak performance in the hands of an elite pilot can really do.

Our sponsored Airtronics Drivers have been sending us equally impressive information. While I think my driving skill might cause some to want to take away my license, my son and I have been racing a HPI Savage Flux, which is a brushless 1/8 Scale Monster truck. This is one powerful and incredible fun truck that has been designed to withstand the rolling, crashing and all out beating from people like me, who are as likely to only have 2 wheels ever on a jump at a given time and end up rolling, twisting, flying around the asphalt.

With the incredible interest in electric, we are going to be releasing lots of new airplanes and cars that will peak your interest. Please know that we are also intensely focusing on supporting all of our glow fans. The great think about the hobby is that it is never a either/or option, it is more of a let’s do both.

This holiday season promises to be a hobbyist’s heaven, so much product that will perform better than anything the hobby has seen before, at great prices too. Hobby People is releasing many new helis, cars, planes, batteries, and charges that will bring the hobby to new heights. Be sure to visit your local Hobby People store, or come to to see all the new stuff today. Take good care, and we will look forward to seeing you soon.


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One Response to “The Electric Revolution is in Full Swing”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hello I first off wanted to say thanks for the great support and awesome selection of hobbie goods. I have been into RC for a long time. Not to long ago there was only a few hobby shops and the prices were a lot higher. I have been talking with a few of my friends who buy a lot of hobby goods from hobby people and we all agree there needs to be better batteries. One of the things I like about hobby people is I can go there and get instant gratification and buy what I need in the store. But when it comes to batteries I have to order them and wait a few days to get them. The reason I do this is because I can’t get a high C rate (30/60c) battery at hobby people. These high C rate batteries can charge a lot faster and put out a lot more power. The difference is so big that my friends have been asking me where I get those batteries. I leave this post in hopes that hobby people will start getting better batteries and I can once again get every thing I need in one place.

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