Hobby People brings in 40 new airplanes

I hope your flying season has been successful and really enjoyable. Over the past few weeks we have been surveying our customers to ensure that we are offering the best products. Based upon the feedback, we realized that our customers want more choices in their airplane selection, and as the saying goes, your wish is our command. We have added over 40 airplanes in just the past 10 days, click here for the RC Glow section, and click here for the Electric Section. The new planes are Glow, electric, giant scale, park flyer and everything in between.

One other suggestion that we received was a request that we lower our 1st Class shipping option. We have seen a huge increase in small orders, in all categories, and our customers asked us to save them more $$ on shipping, so we have done just that. Effective immediately, the Hobby People 1st Class shipping option will be at $3.99.

To all those who gave us their suggestions, thank you and great modeling.


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3 Responses to “Hobby People brings in 40 new airplanes”

  1. Eric Johnson Says:

    The low shipping is great for people in the USA but you’re still charging $31.79 as the cheapest option to mail a single miniature switch to Canada.

  2. Eric Johnson Says:

    Have you looked into using USPS postal mail for small items? First class mail international shipping costs should be roughly $3 including the ($0.50 @ QTY 1000) cost of the bubble mailer.

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